Last date for submission of papers: 01 January 2012
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Last date for submission of papers: 01 January 2012


We are happy to inform you that the Seminar on Institution, Structure and Organization in Globalizing India, with special focus on science and technology, economy and society will be held at IIT Bombay on 20th and 21st January 2012.

The seminar will focus on new science and technology and economic regulatory structures, structures of law or governance, Indian state mechanisms for infrastructure development through partnership with the private sector, state deregulation and disinvestment policies; macro-level employment schemes, the institutions of the corporate world and the new relationships with workforce.



Rowena Robinson (IITB)

Professor of Sociology
Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
Powai, Mumbai 400076

E-mail: rowena@iitb.ac.in


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