Sl.No:Stock No:SpecializationThesis NameYearStudent NameGuide NameNo of Copies
1PHI1973001PhilosophyTheories of reality1973Chhaya Narayan DamleDr. B. S. Sanyal
2PHI1978001PhilosophyScientific realism consciousness, an application of the philosophy of science1978Blasco Noronha SebrinhoProf. Ramakant A.
3PHI1987001PhilosophySome Aspects of Theory of Action : Case Studies of Durkheim and Weber1987Abdul SubhanProf. Amitabha Gupta
4PHI1989001PhilosophyLanguage, rules and grammar in the later philosophy of Wittgenstein1989V. RamanProf P. R. Bhat
5PHI1989002PhilosophyThe speaking subject: A preamble to Vedanta1989K. P. JayasankarProf. N. Swamidasan, Dr. M.S. Malshe and Prof. R. A. Sinai
6PHI1990001PhilosophyProfessional Ethics: Its nature and Justification1990M. GnanapragasamProf P. R. Bhat2 copies
7PHI1990002PhilosophyTowards a critical understanding of Sri Aurobindo's Philosophy1990Rajendra Kumar V. JoshiProf. Amitabha Gupta
8PHI1991001PhilosophyHistoricity in Heidegger's thought1991K. SubramaniamProf. P. R. Bhat and Prof. M. S Malshe
9PHI1996001PhilosophyCharacterizing Creativity as Design- Intelligence: A philosophical Analysis1996Vinod V VidwansProf P. R. Bhat and Prof. M. S Malshe
10PHI1997001PhilosophyRule following Scepticism: Kripe, Goodman, and Wittgenstein1997Gopal ShauProf P. R. Bhat
11PHI2001001PhilosophyEmbracing Vagueness: The Pragmatic Approach2001Rajshri K. JobanputraProf P. R. Bhat
12PHI2007001PhilosophyIn Defence of Liberal pluralism2007C. UpendraProf. P. R. Bhat & Prof. V. S. Sirola
13PHI2012001PhilosophyRationality and Normativity : A Discourse in Ethics2012Barada Laxmi PandaProf. Ranjan Kumar Panda
14PHI2012002PhilosophyWittgenstein on Ethics: A Therapeutic Reading2012Manoranjan MallickProf. V. S. Sirola
15PHI2012003PhilosophyCorporate Social Responsibility : An Analysis of Responsibility from Western and Indian Perspective2012Sarita KarProf. C. D. Sebastian
16PHI2013001PhilosophyLanguage and Experience in Wittgenstein's Philosophy of Mind2013Mamata Manjari PandaProf. R. Nath
17PHI2013002PhilosophyAction and Agency: a Philosophical Study2013Arabinda SahooProf. Ranjan Kumar Panda
18PHI2013003PhilosophyEthics and Apophasis: Sankara Levinas and the Critical Appropriation of Tradition2013Sindhu PoudyalProf. Siby K. George
19PHI2014001PhilosophyReality and Experience in Advaita Vedanta - A Thematic Study of The Conception of Atman in the Vivekacudamani of Sankara2014Walter MenezesProf. C. D. Sebastian
20PHI2014002PhilosophyPlausible World: A Logical Analysis2014Aman TripathiProf. P.R.Bhat
21PHI2014003Philosophy The Engaged Self: Martin Heideggar and Charles Taylor on Modern Identity 2014 Anoop GeorgeProf. Siby K George 
22PHI2014004PhilosophyPhilosophical Arguments: A Meta-Analysis2014Veghitha ReddyProf. P.R. Bhat 
23PHI2015001PhilosophyHeideggar and the Critique of Culture: In Defense Of 'Other' Traditions2015KarilemaProf.Siby K George 
24PHI2016001PhilosophyMind-Brain Problem: An Analysis Of Contemporary Debates on Consciousness2016Rajib RayProf. Ranjan K Panda 
25PHI2014005 PhilosophyEye of the Silicon Mind: Assessing Computational Imagination2014 Gagan Deep KaurProf. M. S Malshe 


Sl.No:Stock No:SpecializationThesis NameYearStudent NameGuide NameNo of Copies
1SANS1978001SanskritA comparative study of Repressors and sensitizers in relation to felt-induced deviancy and sympahy seeking1978Manju GuptaUsha Krishanan

2SANS2012001SanskritIssues of Nominal Declamation in Traditional Sanskrit Grammar2012Anuja Prabhakar AjotikarProf. Malhar Kulkarni

3SANS2012002SanskritPlanetary Models Expanded of Bhaskara, Madhava and Nilakantha2012U.K.V SarmaProf. K. Ramasubramanian

4SANS2013001SanskritNature of Svarita Accent : An Empirical View of Study2013Leena V. HunnagikarProf. Malhar Kulkarni

5SANS2013002SanskritA Critical Study of Golasara of Nilakantha Somayaji2013Dinesh Mohan JoshiProf. K. Ramasubramanian

6SANS2013003SanskritA Study of Ksetravyavahara of Lilavati in the light of Kriyakramakari2013Vanishri BhatProf. K. Ramasubramanian

7SANS2013004SanskritError Analysis in Modern Sanskrit Literature2013Dipesh Vinod KatiraProf. Malhar Kulkarni

8SANS2013005SanskritIssues in Building Sanskrit wordnet by Expansion approach2013Tanuja Prabhakar AjotikarProf. Malhar Kulkarni

9SANS2011001SanskritA Critical Study of Karanapaddhati of Putumana Somayaji2011Venktaswara Pai RProf. K. Ramasubramanian

10SANS2010001SanskritA Critical Study of Siddhanta Darpana of Nilakantha Somayaji2010K MaheshProf. K. Ramasubramanian

11SANS2009001SanskritBhartrhari's Concept of Jati : A Study with Special Reference to the Jatisamuddesa of Vakyapadiya2009Chaitali DangarikarProf. Malhar Kulkarni

12SANS2015001SanskritIC Analysis in modern Sanskrit Lexicography with special reference to Encyclopedia Dictionary of Sanskrit on Historical Principles2015Prasad Ramesh BhindeProf. Malhar Kulkarni  
13SANS2016001SanskritAn Analysis of TatsamaWords Using the Tool of OTASH2016Bipin Kumar JhaProf. Malhar Kulkarni  


Sl.No:Stock No:SpecializationThesis NameYearStudent NameGuide NameNo of Copies
1ENG2002001English Exhaustion 'and 'Replenishment ' : Thematic and Structural Perspectives on John Barth's Work2002Binu James MathewProf. M. Malshe
2ENG2006002EnglishA Feminist Critical Perspective on Indian Women's Writing With Special Reference to the Work of Shashi Deshpande and Mahasweta Devi2006Ananda AmritmahalProf. M. Malshe
3ENG2003001EnglishPortraits of Artists as Women : A Comparitive Study of Sylvia Plaith and Kamala Das2003Umer ThasheemProf. M. Malshe
4ENG2008001EnglishThe Text Reader Engagement in in Visual Concrete Poetry : Semiotic-Perceptual Approaches to the Intermedium2008Amrita Raghunath JoshiProf. Sharmila Sreekumar
5ENG2006001EnglishThe Dialogical Dispersion Extending Bakhtinian Principles to Translation and Cultural Encounters2006Amit Kumar P.V.Prof. M. Malshe
6ENG2008002EnglishSpeculative Fantasy in the Novels of Mary Shelley and Margaret Atwood : Science, Gender and the Discourse of the Species2008Suparna BanerjeeProf. Neelima Talwar
7ENG2008003EnglishCulture and Genre in Translation : The ' Colonial ' Encounter in Bengali Literature(1850 - 1900 )2008Chandrani ChatterjeeProf. M. Malshe
8ENG2010001EnglishLanguage Variation in Konkani A Sociolinguistic Perspective2010Vivek Madhusudhan BhatProf. M. Malshe
9ENG2010002EnglishKnots of the Narrative : A Bakhtinian Analysis of Chromotopes in the Fiction of Amitav Ghosh2010Arnapurna RathProf. M. Malshe
10ENG2013001EnglishContemporary inspirational literature with special reference to the works of Richard Bach & Paulo Coelho 2013Madhavi Gokhale Prof. M. Malshe
11ENG1987001EnglishAfrican Oral Traditions and three nigerian novelists: Chinua Achebe, Wole Soyinaka, Amos Tutuola1987Anjali RoyProf. Viney Kirpal
12ENG1990001EnglishThe individual and the search for self-identity in the novels of Iris Murdoch and Anita Desai1990Bipin Bihari PanigrahiProf. Viney Kripal
13ENG.1980001EnglishF.R. LEAVIS: Criticism as the central humanity1980Edwin D. D'AlmidaProf. D.V. Jog
14ENG1981001EnglishSinger in the city: Images of Urban industrial culture in American Poetry in 1920-19401981K. Narayana chandranProf. I. Mahadevan2 copies
15ENG1993001EnglishThe portrayal of Womanhood in the fiction of Shashi Deshpande1993Mukta M. AtreyProf. Vinay Kirpal
16ENG1996001EnglishAesthetics of the lyric : Stylistic, Semiotic, and Discourse Perspectives1996Nandita BoseProf. M. Malshe
17ENG2012001EnglishHistory, Fiction and Representation in Select Novels of Umberto Eco and Orhan Pamuk2012Nishevita MurthyProf. Sudha Shastri
18ENG2011001EnglishHindi Inflectional Morphology and its Implementation in Language Processing Tools - A Distributed Morphology Approach2011Smriti SinghProf. V. M. Sarma & Prof. P. Bhattacharyya 
19ENG2014002EnglishA Study of the Complex Predicates of Hindi2014Debasri ChakrabartiProf. M. Malshe

20ENG2016001EnglishMetamorphosis of Cyberpunk2016Gayadri Devi.G Prof. Neelima Talwar 
21ENG2016002EnglishTeaching and learning of EAP vocabulary: A web based integrative approach at the tertiary level in India2016Amit C.HirayProf. M. Malshe 
22 ENG2017001 EnglishLiterary production of classical dystopia: A cultural materialist analysisi of brave new world, nineteen eighty-four and Lord of the flies2017Manoj PatharkarProf. M. Malshe 
23   English Contemporary Narratives of Indian Classical Music2017  Saroja GanapathyProf. M. Malshe  


Sl.No:Stock No:SpecializationThesis NameYearStudent NameGuide NameNo of Copies
1SOC1981001SociologyInequality in Development In India- A study of an Equity Oriented rural development programme1981Kalyansankar MandalIndira Mahadevan and B.D. Misra
2SOC1982001SociologyWork-role commitment of industrial employees: A process model1982P.AmsaV.B.Punekar
3SOC1982002SociologyNature of social conflict in the process of development1982N.R.ChaudhariIndira Mahadevan and M.N. Vartak
4SOC1983001SociologyLeadership styles, mangerial role efficacy and conflict mangement: a study of some organisational and mangerial variables related to conflict mangement strategies1983H.B. MathurDr. Omer Bin Sayeed
5SOC1984001SociologyInfant and child mortality: its effects on fertility in rural Tamil Nadu1984S. KrishnaswamyB.D. Misra
6SOC1985001SociologyEstimation of vital rates for the districts of UP and its correlates 1951-811985R.M. PandeyB.D. Misra
7SOC1986001SociologyEnvironmental correlates of children's level of performance1986Nisha LalV.B. Punekar
8SOC1987001SociologyImpact of resort development on social patterns- a case study of khajuraho,M.P1987Suhita ChopraV.B. Punekar
9SOC1988001SociologyWomen's role in the reproduction and production spheres of wet and dry villages of East Godavari District Andhra Pradesh1988L. Lakshmi ChelpaV.B. Punekar
10SOC1997001SociologyQuantity and Quality of performance among Indian Academic Scientists1997Lalita ChaudharyB.K. Pattnaik
11SOC2006001SociologyColtural Sites of Schooling : Mapping Educational Change in a Kerala Village2006Ratheesh Kumar P.K.Prof. D. Parthasarathy
12SOC2006002SociologyWomen and Mental Illness : An Ethnographic Study in Kerala2006Bindhulakshmi P.Prof. R. Robinson
13SOC1980001SociologyFamily kinship and Social Mobility: A study of rural migrant's from AndhraPradesh In Bombay1980E. HaribabuDr. Vijaya Punekar
14SOC2011001SociologyCivil Society Organisation and Urban Governance: a Study of Civil Society-Urban Local Body Partnerships in Mumbai2011Binti singhProf. D. Parthasarathy & Prof. Kushal Deb
15SOC2011002SociologyChristians of Coastal Andhra Pradesh: A Sociological study2011Ashok Kumar MProf. R. Robinson & Prof. D. Parthasarathy
16SOC2011003SociologyA Popular Spiritual Guru in Contemporary Hinduism: A Sociological Study of Asaram Bapu2011Surya Prakash UpadhyayProf. R. Robinson & Prof. Kushal Deb
17SOC2011004SociologyMaking sense of suffering: Spirit possession Mahanubhav temple Maharashtra, India2011Shubha RanganathanProf. D Parthsarthy and Prof. Meenakshi Gupta 
18SOC2010001SociologyNew Christian Movements in Contemporary Goa: A Sociological Study2010Savio AbreuProf. R. Robinson
19SOC2007001SociologyMigration, Construction of identity and Strategies for Survival: Bangladeshi Migrants in Jaipur District2007Meghna PurohitProf. R. Robinson
20SOC2007002SociologyDalit Movement and Globalisation: New Moods of Organisation and Information Flows2007Bidhan Chandra DashProf. Kushal Deb
21SOC2014001SociologyThe Decline of Solapur and its impact on the transactions of women2014Piyul MukherjeeProf. Kushal Deb and Prof. Rajneesah Krishna 
22SOC2015001SociologyFood insecurity hunger and coping mechanisms among tribes in the Melghat area of Maharashtra2015Nilratan R. ShendeProf. Kushal Deb 
23SOC2015002SociologyInnovation as a Social Process: A Study of cosmetics MSEMS and beauty parlors in mumbai2015DeepmalaProf.D.Parthasarathy & Prof.Meenakshi Gupta 
24SOC2015003SociologyUtrinu, Jhar-Phuk, Hami-Hamro - A Sociology Inquiry Into Sprit Possession  and the Healing Practise of Nepal Comunity of Darjeeling2015Rinzi LamaProf.Ramesh Bairy 
25SOC2015004SociologyUrban planning, politics and the built environment: A case study of the creation of Bandra Kurla complex as a second growth center in Mumbai2015Sutapa GhoshProf. D Parthasarthy and          Prof. P. L. Trivedi 
26SOC2016001SociologyThe Political Ecology of Forest Governance and Contestation in Sundergarh, Odisha2016Anju Helen BaraProf. D Parthasarthy 
27SOC2016002SociologyBorder and belongingness: An ethnographic study of Afgan refugees in India2016Aparna MalviyaProf. Kushal Deb 
28SOC2016003SociologyFashioning Self, Constructing Hegemony: A Study of Contemporary Bengali Middle Class2016Shaoni ShabnamProf. Ramesh Bairy  and                Prof. Ratheesh Ramakrishnan 
29SOC2017001 SociologyCostal Regulation zones and fishing communities: Livelihoods and sustainability issues in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region2017 Hemantkumar A. ChouhanProf. Parthasarthy and                     Prof. Sharmistha pattnaik 
30SOC2017002SociologyTransnational Travel for Healthcare: Exploring medical travel in Mumbai and Goa2017Suchitra WagleProf. Sarmistha Pattnaik 
31   Sociology Examining “Pandharpura Wari“ as a Social Process: A  Study of Contemporary Warikari Praxis2017Smita S Pendharkar Prof. Prof. D Parthasarthy 


Sl.No:Stock No:SpecializationThesis NameYearStudent NameGuide NameNo of Copies
1ECO1971001ECONOMICSThe Role of Interest Rate in Corporate Investment Policy in India, 1950-51 to 1965-661971L. M. BholeP.R Brahmananda
2ECO1979001ECONOMICSCredit and Uncertainty in Firm Planning : A Study of Small Firms in Mandya District1979Rabindranath N. H.L. M. Bhole3 copies
3ECO1979002ECONOMICSOptimisation Problems in International Marketing1979K. T. GeorgeT.V Sethuraman and M. Achutanan
4ECO1981001ECONOMICSFinancial Incentives- a Managerial Tool : A Study on the Impact of Incentives on Labour Performance in 6 Industrial Units1981Muthukrishnan A. VenkataramanT. V Sethuraman
5ECO1983001ECONOMICSEffective allocation of marketing cost under Indian conditions- An Analytical study1983B. RamaseshanT.V Sethuraman
6ECO1983002ECONOMICSAn Econometric Study of Macro-Money Demand Fuction in India1983Bandi KamaiahL.M Bhole and M.N Vartak2 Copies
7ECO1984001ECONOMICSBehavior of Security Prices in India1984Muppalla ThiripalrajuL.M Bhole 2 Copies
8ECO1987001ECONOMICSSome Applications of Flow of Funds, Accounts in India 1951-811987Santharam SuriL.M Bhole 2 Copies
9ECO1988001ECONOMICSSome aspects of product Diversification in the corporate sector in India1988Veena DevasthaliL.M. Bhole2 Copies
10ECO1988002ECONOMICSRole of public sector banks in financing small scale Industries - A case study1988Sheela PillayDr A Ramanathan
11ECO1989001ECONOMICSEfects of exchange rate changes on balance of payments in India1989S. SundararajanL.M Bhole 2 Copies
12ECO1990001ECONOMICSCausality testing and Monetarists' Proposition: An Econometric and Time Series analysis1990Patil Prabhakara ReddyDr A Ramanathan
13ECO1991001ECONOMICSA Study on the commercialization of agriculture in Maharashtra:1951-851991Ramling Mahipati SableL.M Bhole 2 copies
14ECO1991002ECONOMICSA Model on Urban Growth1991Amaresh C. DubeDr A Ramanathan
15ECO1992001ECONOMICSConcentration, Barriers to entry and Profitability: A study of Indian Manufacturing Industry during 1976-77 to 1985-861992Radha Binod BarmanL.M Bhole 2 copies
16ECO1992002ECONOMICSEffects of technology transfer on Indian automobile Industry1992Shripad BhatProf T.v. Sethuraman
17ECO1995001ECONOMICSAn investigation into the behaviour of Economic systems from Gandhian perspective1995Sharadchandra D. JogProf T.v. Sethuraman
18E CO1996001ECONOMICSIssues and perspectives of Forest Economics: A study Based on Paper Industry in India1996Sudardan P. K.Prof. A Ramanathan
19ECO1996002ECONOMICSBudget Deficit in India: Measurement, Analysis and Management1996Ranjit Kumar PattnaikL. M. Bhole and Dr. Narendra Jadhav2 copies
20ECO1999001ECONOMICSA study of operations of non- banking financial intermediaries in India with special reference to their implications for monetary policy1999Janak RajL.M. Bhole2 copies
21ECO1999002ECONOMICSExport competitiveness of Indian Agriculture1999P.D. JeromiDr A Ramanathan
22ECO1999003ECONOMICSHomestead Farming in Kerala: an Ecologic-economic analysis1999Regi ThomasProf. L. M. Bhole
23ECO1999004ECONOMICSA study of the floating Exchange Rate system in india and other developing countries1999V.J. SebastianProf. L.M. Bhole2 copies
24ECO2000002ECONOMICSImpact of Technology on Some Aspects of Working of Banking Sector : Indian and International Experience2000Sunil KhandelwalProf. L.M. Bhole2 copies
25ECO2000003ECONOMICSPricing of Urban Public Bus Transport in India - A Study Based on Select Undertakings2000C. Gopalakrishnan

26ECO2000001ECONOMICSThe Role of Irreversibles in India's Balance of Payments : A Structural Approach2000Michael Debabrata PatraProf. L.M. Bhole & Prof. Himanshu Joshi2 copies
27ECO2000004ECONOMICSCommercial Bank Behavioural and Monetary Policy in India2000Mohua RoyProf. P.L. Trivedi & Prof. Y.S.R. Sarwe
28ECO2000005ECONOMICSRate of Return on Foreign Direct Investment in India2000B.N. Anantha SwamyProf. P.L. Trivedi
29ECO2001001ECONOMICSA regional analysis of development of commercial banking in India, 1969-19972001Abdul ShabanProf. L.M. Bhole 
30ECO2001003ECONOMICSCorporate bond rating and sovereign rating: an empirical study in the indian context2001T GeethaProf. P.L. Trivedi 
31ECO2001002ECONOMICSBusiness cycles in india : measurement, analysis and prediction2001Om Prakash MallProf. L.M. Bhole 
32ECO2002001ECONOMICSIntegration of financial markets and its macroeconomic implications2002Arun Kumar MishraProf A Ramanathan 
33ECO2003001ECONOMICSDeterminants of corporate investment in india: a panel data study2003Seema sagarProf. L M Bhole 
34ECO2004001ECONOMICSFinancial Instability in India: Extent, Causes and Consequences2004Shreeya PattanaikProf. L M Bhole
35ECO2004002ECONOMICSFinancing of Private corporate sector in India: Trends and determinants during 1966-67 to 2000-20012004Jitendra MahakudProf. L M Bhole
36ECO2004003ECONOMICSMacroeconomics Consequences of capital inflows to India2004Tanushree MajumdarProf. Pushpa Trivedi
37ECO2004006ECONOMICSMicrofinance of the rural poor: A case study of the SHG-Bank Linkage programme in backward district in India 2004Sunil RProf. A Ramanathan 
38ECO2004005ECONOMICSSocial perceptions and valuation of wetland use : A Study of Kolkata Wetlands2004Sumana bandhopadhyayProf. A Ramanathan 
39ECO2004004ECONOMICSTourism as development strategy : a case study of malwan taluka sindhudurg district, maharashtra2004Ilika ChakravartyProf. Pushpa Trivedi 
40ECO2005001ECONOMICSInterest rates in india: Trends Determinants and Policy2005Pradyumana dash Prof. L M Bhole 
41ECO2006001ECONOMICSAnti-Dumping Issues in India's Foreign Trade2006Lalithambal NatarajanProf. K. Narayanan
42ECO2006002ECONOMICSA Study of debt markets in india  2006Varadraj B BapatProf. L M Bhole 
43ECO2007001ECONOMICSStudy of corporate dividene policy in India: 1961-2006   2007
Manoj Subhash KamatProf. L M Bhole
44ECO2007002ECONOMICSAn empirical Analysis of mergers and acquistions of Indian Banks2007Suresh Anandra SuralkarProf. L M Bhole
45ECO2007003ECONOMICSTest of conditional capital asset pricing model in Indian stock Market: Two alternative approaches2007Abhilash S. NairProf A Ramanathan & A Subramanayan
46ECO2007004ECONOMICSAn Empirical study of stock index futures in india2007P Anand BabuProf. L M Bhole 
47ECO2007005ECONOMICSMonetary policy transmission mechanism- empirical evidences under indian conditions2007Anuradha PatnaikProf A Ramanathan 
48ECO2008001ECONOMICSAn Analysis of the Spillover Effects of Foreign Direct Investmentin India2008Subhash SProf. A. Ramanathan 
49ECO2009002ECONOMICSState finances and growth : a study of major states of india 2009RajmalProf. Pushpa Trivedi 
50ECO2009003ECONOMICSOpenness and growth of the indian economy : an empirical analysis 2009Narayan Chandra PradhanProf. Pushpa Trivedi
51ECO2009004ECONOMICSImplications of input subsidies for agricultural productivity and rural poverty in India 2009Pritee Sharma Prof. Pushpa Trivedi
52ECO2009005ECONOMICSClimate related Disasters: A study of Vulnerability and coping strategies of Households in Eastern Uttar Prradesh2009Unmesh PattnaikProf. K. Narayanan
53ECO2009001ECONOMICSIntellectual property rights and accessibility of medicine - a study with reference to india 2009Babu PaulProf. A .Ramanathan & Prof S. K. Jha 
54ECO2009006ECONOMICSHealth effects of urban air pollution: A study of Mumbai2009Archana M. PatankarProf. Pushpa Trivedi 
55ECO2010001ECONOMICSForeign Exchange Reserve Management in India2010Priyadarshi DashProf. K. Narayanan
56ECO2010002ECONOMICSEnvironmental Regulation and technical efficiency: A Study of chemical industry in and around Mumbai2010Nivedita DuttaProf. K. Narayanan
57ECO2010004ECONOMICSEconomic Valuation of Wetland Attributes : A sace study of Kol Wetlands in Kerala2010A.S. BinilkumarProf A Ramanthan 
58ECO2010005ECONOMICSTechnological strategies and competitiveness in select Indian industries2010Savita P.R. Shailaja BhatProf. K. Narayanan 
59ECO2011001ECONOMICSExport of services and off shore outsourcing: An empirical investigation in Indian Context2011Brijesh PazhayathodiProf. Pushpa Trivedi 
60ECO2011002ECONOMICSNexus between infrastructure and economic growth in India2011Neelesh Vishnu VernekarProf. Pushpa Trivedi 
61ECO2011003ECONOMICSEnvironmental Accounting for Oil and natural Gas Resources in India2011Mary Rose VimochanaProf. K. Narayanan & Prof. G. Haripriya 
62ECO2010003ECONOMICSEnvironmental impact of trade liberalisation: a study based on manufacturing industries in India 2012Rohini KelkarProf. A .Ramanathan
63ECO2012001ECONOMICSMacro economic determinants of asset prices in India :an empirical investigation 2012Samir Ranjan BeheraProf. Pushpa Trivedi  
64ECO2012002ECONOMICSA comparative study of entreprenurial and intraprenurial new ventures in Indian I.T sector : examining the effects of individuals, teams nad organisattional factors on new venture performance2012Smita GuptaProf. S Bhargava 
65ECO2013001ECONOMICSRegional inequality in FDI flows to india :a state level analysis2013Atri MukherjeeProf. A .Ramanathan
66ECO2013002ECONOMICSTechnical efficiency and agglomeration analysis of the organised manufacturing sector in India2013Debashree Chatterjee SanyalProf. Pushpa Trivedi
67ECO2014001ECONOMICSA study of Implied volatality: Evidence from Indian Derivates Market2014Imlak ShaikhProf. Puja Padhi
68ECO2014002ECONOMICSA study on information technology enabled service enterprises in India2014Dhanashree MahadevanProf. A. Ramanathan & Prof. A .S. Babu
69ECO2014003ECONOMICSMergers and Acquisitions: a study of pharmaceutical sectors in India2014Vidisha VyasProf. A. Ramanathan & Prof. K. Narayanan
70ECO2015001ECONOMICSForeign Direct Investment, Growth, and Environment-Testing for Relationship in Indian Context2015Neelakanta N.T. Prof. Haripriya Gundimeda 
71ECO2015002ECONOMICSEnergy Intensity and the Productivity of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in India2015M.Mohan RamProf. Haripriya Gundimeda 
72ECO2015003ECONOMICSCompetitiveness in Indian Industries: A study of small and medium enterprises2015Rani Maria ThomasProf. K Narayanan and Prof. A. Ramanathan 
73ECO2015004ECONOMICSMacroeconomic effects of capital flows in India2015Aditya GaihaProf. A Ramanathan and Prof. Puja Padhi 
74ECO2015005ECONOMICSFirm Level Productivity Heterogeneity, exports and outward FDI: A study of the manufacturing sector in India   2015Ronny ThomasProf K Narayanan 
75ECO2015006ECONOMICSDeterminants of corporate investment in india: An empirical study2015Meruva SreeramuluProf. A Ramanathan and Prof. K Narayanan 
76ECO2015007ECONOMICSStock Market Volatility and Real Economic Activity in an Emerging Market Economy: Evidence frorm India2015Pramod Kumar NaikProf.Puja Padhi 
77ECO2015008ECONOMICSSynchronous Teacher Training through Distance Mode: A Study Of IIT Bombay Initiatives2015Kalpana KannanProf. K.Narayanan 
78ECO2016001ECONOMICSAnalysis of Globalisation of Higher Education based on Qualitative Research [with specific reference to management education in India]2016Suresh Pahilajraj AdvaniProf. A. Ramanathan and          Prof.A Subash Babu 
79ECO2016002ECONOMICSRole of Scheduled Commercial Bank in Growth Promotion: An Empirical Investigation for the Indian Economy2016Mohd AnwarProf. Pushpa Trivedi 
80ECO2016003ECONOMICSA macroeconomic study on the efficiency and regulation of Indian banking sector during liberalization era2016Rohit MProf. Pushpa Trivedi 
81ECO2016004ECONOMICSMeasuring project level sustainability: A study of cooking fuels and biogas system in India2016Punam SinghProf. Haripriya Gundimeda 
82ECO2016005ECONOMICSIndia's Balance of Payments: A disagregated analysis2016Devi Prasad PandaProf. Pushpa Trivedi 
83 ECO2017001 ECONOMICSSelf help group linkage programme and financial inclusion: empirical evidence in Indian context 2017Smita Nirbachinta Bahajena Prof. Haripriya Gundimeda 
84ECO2017002ECONOMICSAgglomeration and regional economic diversity in India2017Poornima DoreProf. K Narayanan & Prof. Sanjiv J. Phansalkar 


Sl.No:Stock No:SpecializationThesis NameYearStudent NameGuide NameNo of Copies
1PSY1980001 PsychologyWork value orientation in industrial research and development1980Nirmal SethiaDr. P.H. Prabhu, Prof. Indira Mahadevan
PsychologyEffect of pre selection prior activities and response biasing on short term recall of movements of blind and sighted subjects 1980Shyam Ji SinghDr. v.k. kool2 Copies
PsychologyShort term recall of Blind and sighted subjects with reference to touch and movement1981Mukta RanaDr. V.K. Kool3 Copies
4PSY1981002PsychologyMother's sex- role attitudes, independence training and need for achievement in children`Ravi Kumar Verma Rehana Ghadially
5PSY1981003PsychologyReduction of aggression in violent and non violent individuals1981Manisha SenDr. v.k. kool
6PSY1983001PsychologyQuest for authentic structure of human reality 1983Vidya SubramanianR.A. Sinari
7PSY1984001PsychologyRole of Vision and Kinesthesis in Short term Recall of movements1984Raj Kumari BansalMeenakshi Gupta
8PSY1985001PsychologyA comparative study of Blind and sighted on aggression1985Geeta Priyavratha RaoMeenakshi Gupta
9PSY1985002PsychologyShort term recall of linear movements: a comparative study of blind and sighted subjects1985Kamlesh Chandra PathakMeenakshi Gupta
10PSY1986001PsychologyInformation integration theory applied to the judgement of adapters and innovators1986Shyamalee SinhaMeenakshi Gupta
11PSY1987001Psychologyorganisational politics: some determinants and consequences 1987Pramod Kumar Rehana Ghadially
12PSY1988001PsychologyAn Information Integration Analysis OF moral Judgements1988MADHURI SHARMAProf. M. Gupta
13PSY1989001PsychologyParental Sex role Orientation, Socialization Practice and Sex Stereotypes of adolescents1989SUKANYA DASPROF. REHANA
14PSY1990001PsychologyManagerial stress: Role of Organizational Factors, Social support,Type a behaviour and life events2003PREMARAJAN R. K.PROF. REHANA
15PSY1991001PsychologyThe quality of Working life- Its role in organizational effectiveness1991SANTHANA RAMAN V. 
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