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Research Scholars: 

M.Phil Dissertations:

Ankit Kumar Chatri (2011), Impact of Mergers & Acquisitions on Indian Commercial Banks: The Post-Reform Experience 

Sagnik Bagchi (2013), Threat of Anti-Dumping Duty and Determinants of Anti-Dumping Initiations in case of Indian Manufacturing Industries  [Co-Supervisor]

Mohina Saxena (2016),  A Time Series Analysis of the Nexus Between Telecommunications Infrastructure and Economic Growth in India 

Irfan Ali K. C (2017), Credit Expansion and Inflation Expectations in the US Post 2007-08 Financial Crisis

Ph.D Dissertations:

Richa Shukla: Innovation , R&D Spillovers and Firm Performance  [Co-Supervisor]

Sagnik Bagchi:  Determinants of Intra-Industry Trade in India

Mohina Saxena: Capital Structure and Firm Performance - Theoretical Implications and Empirical Evidence