HS 603: Socio-Psychological Perspectives in Development and Change

Defining Social Change: Patterns of change, factors and conditions of change, direction of change, control of change, planned change. Relevant concepts: Progress, Urbanization, industrialization, modernization, Developemnt, Revolution and Social movements as forms of change.

Theories of change: Modernization theory and conflict theory. 's response to modernity: Relations between tradition and modernity (antagonistic or continuity and persistence, modernization of tradition and traditionalization of modernity.) Theories of under-development/dependency, Relations between planning and development, social factors of economic planning and development.

Culture of development: Role of culture in social development values and development congruence, Indian values and behaviour dispositions in the context of National development, Reorganizing values for development, Designing organizational culture and behaviour tools for development.

Psychology of developing societies: Psychology of poverty and deprivation, perspectives on organizational alleviation of poverty and deprivation, psychology of rural poor.

Role of strategic organizations (including bureaucracy) in planning and development, Re-vitalization of sick strategic organizations.


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