HS 606: Environmental Planning and Development

Economic approaches to environmental problems: theoretical and methodological issues, techniques of environmental analysis-basic theorems, cost-benefit analysis. Project appraisal and evaluation, risk assessment.

Microfoundations of environmental economics: Theory of public goods, externalities and market failure, design of environmental policy, Baumols Standards and Charges Approach, Alternative Policy Instruments, Command and Control vs. Market Based Instruments, Direct and Indirect Economic Instruments, International Experience.

Macro aspects in environmental planning: sustainable development, economy and ecology, green/natural resource accounting, Valuation of Natural Resources: Direct and Indirect Methods Environmental impact assessment.

Natural resource management: Exhaustible, renewable, common property resources, institutions and enforcement economic growth and environment, economic reforms and environment.

Empirical assessment of the inter-linkages between environmental quality and economic development. Comparative experiences of developed and developing countries. Environmental problems and policies in . Environmental issues in the Global Context: GHG and Ozone Depletion, International protocols, global trade and Environmental standards and WTO.


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