HS 615: Computer Aided Applied Statistics

The course will provide an overview of univariate and multivariate descriptive and inferential statistics, and give an outline of logical and procedural aspects of the application of statistical methods for data reduction and hypothesis testing in social science research. The focus will be on how the concepts and tools are of statistics are used in the analysis rather than on the theorems and derivative aspects. The course will emphasise the use of computer software with special reference to SPSS software routines and sub-routines. Accordingly, the course will be computer-lab based.

Statistics and the research process, Scientific methods, the role of statistics in the study of behaviour.

Data displays, frequency distributions and graphical analysis. Measures of central tendency and dispersion.

Probability, the theory of statistical distributions, normal curve. The theory of statistical inference: Parametric and non-parametric tests, point and interval estimation.

Measures of Association: Nominal, Ordinal and Interval level. Correlation and regression.

Multivariate` analysis.

Introduction to factor, cluster and discriminent analysis,

Measurement of growth, productivity, well being and deprivation.


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