HS 622: Philosophy of Development

Limitations of Human Comprehension: Sy`dv`da and Anek`ntav`da, Adhy`sa, Madhyam`-pratipad of Buddhism, Primary and secondary qualities of Descartes, Kant`s phenomenon and noumenon, M`dhyamika Buddhism`s Sa`v`ti and Param`rtha satya, Diversity in J–`na Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Karma Yoga, Tradition and Modernity, Perennial Problems and Queries in Philosophy.

Man and the World: Nature and Environment, Going beyond/challenging natural courses, Adjusting to natural order, Material advancement, Science and Technology.

One and the Other: Society; Social Relations versus Ego-centricism, Selfishness and Individualism; `I ` Thou` Relationship; Cultural life: Inheritance and Transmission; Ethical life; Altruism and Philanthropy; Values; Struggle against Social Evils.

Being and the Doing: Consciousness of self-transcending; Not self-seeking; `Being`: Inner strength, Endurance and Fortitude, Equanimity, Honesty, Integrity, Freedom and Responsibility. The `Doing`: Beyond ` the Ethics of Love, Ni`k`ma-karma-yoga, Bodhisattva, Pa–ca-mah`-vratas, J`van-mukta, Golden Mean of Confucius and the Categorical Imperative of Kant.````

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