HS 700: Applied Economics

Introduction: Nature and Scope of Applied Economics ` Methodological Aspects `` Common Tools and Techniques.` Economics of Risk and Uncertainty ` Difference between Applied Economics and Economics.` Fundamental concepts associated with Applied Economics.`

Analysis of Demand and Supply and their Applications: Elasticity of Demand and Supply, and Applications to major Economic Issues.` Demand Estimation and Forecasting.` Study of Economic Environment.

Theory of the firm ` Objectives ` Production and Cost Analysis ` Production Function ` Efficiency and Productivity ` Decision making under Uncertainty ` The value of Information.` Various definitions of Costs for Managerial Applications ` Cost Estimation and Forecasting.

Market Structure & Pricing and Output Strategy: Perfect Competition, Monopoly, Monopolistic Competition and Oligopoly` ` Game Theory and Competitive Strategy.` Fundamental Elements of Investment Analysis.


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