HS 701: Development, technology and Global Order

Development as a global process: Change from nationally organized social and economic order to globally organized pattern- Emerging Socio-Spatial networks of social interaction in the world today: Technology and the transformation in the International order; New transnational civil society and new world order.

Globalization as an emergent concept: Rise of the development project, formation of coalition building and developmentalist alliances:` Global production system and infrastructural dimension, global agribusiness and global regionalism across center- periphery boundaries; Freedom of enterprise under GATT regime, WTO as an integrated dispute settlement mechanism, Globalization of knowledge and politics of global intellectual property.

Technology and the power of e-governance: Globalization of telecommunications and the issue of Regulatory reform; Globalization and national sovereignty, Internet media and alternative sources of information: Change in the quality of democratic participation, electronic democracy and civic networking movement; e-democracy and criteria in Participatory Technology Decisions, tackling the problems of digital divide.

Social responses to globalization: Fundamentalism, Environmentalism, New Social Movement and alternative modes of development: Policies and Issues in Environment and Development: Poverty and global development, Feminism and feminist formulation in development-- from WID to GAD, multiculturalism and cosmopolitan localism: Structural characteristics of late modernity- `From Emancipatory to Llife Politics`.`


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