HS 702: Law, Governance, Rights and Development

The main objective of the course is to introduce students to the concepts of rights and governance and relate these to current debates on justice and development. This will include understanding in a historical perspective the important role of law in social, political, and economic development. The course will provide students with an understanding of the governance and development debates. It will enable them to understand the importance of laws, policies, social capital and civic participation for improving the effectiveness, accountability and legitimacy of governance for development. The course will also enhance students' capacity to develop and implement policies in public, private and NGO organizational environments.

The major topics to be covered include:

1.      Concepts: Rights, Justice, Citizenship, developmental state

2.      Relationship between Civil society, state, governance and development

3.      Law, legal evolution and social change

4.      States, markets and governance

5.      Law, inequalities, and governance

6.      The emergence of the `good governance` debate: Democratization, participation, social capital, and decentralization.

7.      Issues related to accountability, and ethics

8.      The construction of `effective` states (e.g. policy-making capacity, civil service reform, , legal processes and the rule of law)

9.      Human rights issues, and governance for development

10.  Social movements, NGOS, and development advocacy


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