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Doctoral Programme


The Ph.D. Programme in the Department is generally discipline oriented and runs in five disciplines and areas related to the Cell for Indian Science and Technology in Sanskrit. There is also ample provision to do research in interdisciplinary areas.  There are 58 regular, 22 external, 15 college teachers, 27 self-financing, and 1 project staff candidates, who are currently enrolled in the Ph.D. programme.

In the year under review seven students of this Department will be awarded Ph.D. degree.  Since the inception of the Ph.D. Programme in the Department, one hundred Thirty Eight students have already obtained their Ph.D. degree from the Department and are well-placed in institutions like Reserve Bank of India, I.I.M. Calcutta, Bombay University, Central University, Hyderabad, and other I.I.Ts.  They have made marks as excellent academicians and professionals in their respective fields of specializations.



Eligibility for Admission: PhD Application_Form

One of the following in appropriate areas:

1) At least 55% marks (50% marks for SC/ST) in M.A. or equivalent degree in Humanities / Social Sciences subjects OR

2) First Class or 60% marks (55% marks for SC/ST) in Master’s degree in Science / Commerce / Graduate Degree in Engineering / Technology will be considered for research areas consistent with the academic background and special interests. OR

3) M.Phil. degree in any of the six disciplines (pertaining to the research areas listed below) or in any allied subjects or in “Humanities and Social Sciences with specialization in Planning and Development” awarded by IIT Bombay.

A valid GATE score/ CSIR/ UGC/ ICSSR/ ICPR/ MET/ equivalent qualifying Examination is required for Institute Teaching Assistantship (TA).

A minimum of 2 years of Professional work experience for Sponsored or External Category (EX) and Self Financing Category (SF).


Research Areas:


i) Economics: Money, Banking & Finance, Economic Systems, Gandhian Thought, Managerial Economics, Applied Econometrics, Monetary Economics, Industrial Economics, Industry  Environment Linkages, Monetary Economics and International Finance, Multinationals and Technology Transfer, International Trade.


ii) English: Modern Critical Theory, Aesthetics, Linguistics & ELT, Indian and Western Drama, Modern Literature, Creative Writing, Literature, Drama & The Contemporary Media, and Conscientization method for language teaching, Novel, Victorian studies, Postmodern Literature and Intertextual theory, Syntactic theory, First language acquisition, Linguistic deficits, Language processing, Conservation of endangered languages (especially Dravidian minority languages)


iii) Philosophy: Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Language, Contemporary Western Philosophy, Meta-Ethics, Philosophy of Mind, Postmodern Theory, Classical Indian Philosophy, Buddhism, Vedanta Philosophy, Comparative Philosophy, Comparative Religion, Analytical Philosophy.


iv) Psychology: Stress Management, Womens Studies/Psychology, Gender Roles, Social Psychology, Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Development, Organizational Behavior and Social Development, Social Psychology of Education, Crisis Management and HRD, Technology and Rural Development, Health and Clinical Psychology, Ergonomics.


v) Sociology: Political Sociology, Sociology of Development, Rural Sociology, Environmental Sociology, Religion and Social Movements, Sociology of Contemporary India, Social Change, Family and Kinship, Urban Sociology, Ethnic elations/Communal Violence, Sociology of Agriculture, Technology Adoption and Social Impact Assessment, Ethnically and Multiculturalism, Sociological Theory, Sociology of Gender, Sociology in India, Dalit Studies, Media and Culture.


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