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List of courses for B.Tech. Engineering programme

Course Contents (Link)

Preparatory Course in English

Core courses

· Economics

· Introduction to Psychology

· Introduction to Sociology

· Introduction to Literature

· Introduction to Literature


· Philosophy of Life

· Methodological Foundations of Indian Scientific Tradition

· Philosophy of Mind

· Trends in Twentieth Century Drama

· Stress and Coping

· Essentials of Gandhian Political Economy

· Sociology of Science

· Reading Fiction

· Language and the Mind

· Philosophy and History of Science

· Managerial Economics

· Introduction to Art & Aesthetics

· Moral and Political Philosophy

· Indian Philosophy

· Postmodernism and Philosophy

· Culture and Media

· Management of Human Resources in Organizations

· Planning and Economic Policies in India

· State, Polity and Society

· Contemporary Urban India: Sociological Perspective

· Sanskrit for Indian Science

· Theory and Policy of Managerial Finance

· An Introduction to the Sociology of Rural Development

· Some Scientific Concepts from Sanskrit Texts

· Indian Culture and Tradition

· Intellectual Property Rights for Technology Development and Management

· Industrial Economics

· Logic and Foundations of Mathematics

· Language and Interpreting Sociality

· Professional Ethics

· (Hindustani Classical) Music Appreciation

· Economic Reforms in India

· Principles of Management

· Understanding Creativity and Creative Writing

· Indian Writing in English

· Science, Technology and Society

· Introduction to Linguistics

· Philosophy of Religion

· Psychology of Health

· International Finance and Monetary Systems

· Organizational Behaviour and Implications for Management

· Women in Third World Development


· Globalization: A Sociological Perspective


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