Dr. K. Mahesh receives INSA Young Historian of Science Award

4 Jan 2016

Dr. K. Mahesh has been chosen for the prestigious "Young Historian of Science Award" by Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi in recognition of his research contributions to the field of History of Science. 

He completed his Ph.D from IIT Bombay in 2010 under the guidance of Prof. Ramasubramanian. The title of his thesis was ``A Critical study of Siddhānta-darpaṇa of Nīlakaṇṭha Somayājī". He also did Post Doctoral Research in Centre Nationale Recherche Scientifique, Paris, France. 

Presently, he is working as a Project Research Scientist in the Cell for Indian Science and Technology in Sanskrit, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Bombay.