Confernce: "Globalisation of Chinese and Indian Enterprises"

Conference on Globalisation of Chinese and Indian Enterprises held on during 2-3 Nov 2007

Event : Conference on “Globalisation of Chinese and Indian Enterprises” 

Time Duration : November 2-3, 2007 

As a part of the ongoing Golden Jubilee celebrations, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Bombay in collaboration with the Forum for Global Knowledge Sharing is organising an 

International Conference on the theme “Globalisation of Chinese and Indian Enterprises” during November 2-3, 2007 at IIT Bombay. 


Several enterprises from developing countries, and, in particular, from India and China, have emerged as important global players in high technology industries like information technology, automobiles, electronics, bio-technology and pharmaceuticals. Several of the small and medium enterprises have also successfully globalised using information technology tools like business-to-business commerce. By and large, Chinese and Indian firms have succeeded in networking with firms from other countries (in addition to networking with domestic firms), and have established equity as well as non-equity strategic alliances with other firms. Several Chinese and Indian enterprises have also been acquiring foreign enterprises.

In addition many of them have also been investing abroad and have been launching joint ventures with foreign firms. In addition to FDI inflows, China and India have also been receiving foreign portfolio investments. It is important to analyse the relationship between foreign direct and portfolio investments. China and India have also made significant strides in science and technology resulting in R&D outsourcing by foreign firms. Scholars from different disciplines in technology, pure sciences, economics and other social sciences have been working in the area of Globalisation of Economies and its implications for various stakeholders. The issues involved in Globalisation of firms from Developing countries cut across disciplines and so require a multidisciplinary approach involving interaction between scholars from different disciplines. There is no forum or platform to facilitate scholars belonging to science, technology, business schools, economics and other social sciences to meet, present their research findings and interact. The proposed seminar is being organised in response to this  vital need. The paper presenters and other participants in the seminar belong to different countries, institutions and disciplines and will be sharing their research findings on this important theme. The deliberations and conclusions of the seminar will be very useful for the researchers, industry and government in formulating appropriate policies for these new age economy sectors.

The conference will discuss these important issues. In particular, among other things, the conference will concentrate on the following issues. 

  • FDI inflows and technology inflows to China and India

  • FDI outflows from China and India – acquisition of foreign enterprises

  • Business-to-business commerce and globalisation of small and medium enterprises

  • Exports and non-tariff barriers – environmental regulation barriers to trade

  • Foreign portfolio investment inflows

  • FDI in R&D

  • R&D outsourcing

  • Technology transfer including environmentally friendly technology.

  • Science and Technology Developments


Prof. K Narayanan

 Convenor of the Conference

 Chairperson: Prof. Anand Patwardhan, TIFAC & IIT Bombay  

1) Charles Dhanaraj, Kelley School of Business, Indiana University 

India Or. China” Or “India And China”? Multinational Firms’ Strategies In Asia”  

2)Filip de Beule, Lessius University College, School of Business, Antwerp 

Foreign direct investment and the internationalization of innovation: India and China compared.”  

3)John Henley, University of Edinburgh Management School 

FDI from China, India and South Africa in Sub-Saharan Africa (excludes mineral and oil extraction investments)”.   

4)Arindam Banik & Pradip K. Bhaumik, International Management Institute, New Delhi 

Exploring Trade and Investment Relations in China and India: A Tale of Two Economies”   

5) Haiyan Zhang, University of Antwerp, Belgium 

Spatial change of Chinese automotive industry and impact of foreign direct investment”   


Prof. L.M. Bhole, HSS Dept., IIT Bombay & Prof. R. Nagaraj, IGIDR, Mumbai   


Prof. K.L. Krishna 

1. U Sankar, Madras School of Economics, Chennai 

Environmentally Sound Technologies For Sustainable Development Of China And India”. 

2. Stanley Nollen, Georgetown University, McDonough School of Business  

Two Puzzles: Labor Productivity and Entrepreneurship in Indian and Chinese Software Firms” 

3. Pushpa Trivedi, Department of H&SS, IIT Bombay, Mumbai 

Productivity in Manufacturing Sector: A Comparative View of India and China”   


Prof. Shyam Asolekar, Head, Centre for Environmental Science and Engineering, IIT Bombay & 

Dr. Deb Kusum Das, Ramjas College & ICRIER, New Delhi


Prof. S.R. Hashim, Director, Institute for Study of Industrial Development, Delhi

1) Jaya Prakash Pradhan, Institute for Study of Industrial Development, Delhi

National Innovation System And The Emergence Of Indian Information And Software Technology Multinationals”.

2) Sangeeta Baksi & Soumitra Biswas, TIFAC, Delhi

Innovation Management – An Indian Experience”

3) K. Narayanan and Ronny Thomas, Department of H&SS, IIT Bombay, Mumbai

Determinants of R & D in the Indian Pharmaceutical Sector: A firm level study of outward investors

4) Ashok Jain and Sujit Bhattacharya

Science Knowledge Pools: India and China”


Prof. Karuna Jain, Head, School of Management, IIT Bombay & Prof. G. Baskaran, Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai.


Dr. Y.S. Rajan

1) Vinish Kathuria, SJMSOM, IIT Bombay, Mumbai

Entry Choice of Indian Multinationals – A Transaction Cost Analysis”.

2) Aradhna Aggarwal, University of Delhi, Delhi

SEZs, Technology Spillovers and Industrial Diversification : Evidence from India”

3) B L Pandit and N S Siddharthan, Delhi School of Economics and Knowledge Forum, Delhi

Inter-firm differences in FII portfolio investment in India”

4) Neelam Singh, Delhi University, Delhi

Quality Management System Standards and Being OEM/ Tier Exporter: Determinants for Indian Auto Component Firms”


Prof. A. Ramanathan, Head, HSS Dept., IIT Bombay & Dr. Kaushalesh Lal, UNU/MERIT,  Maastricht, The Netherlands


Prof. Krithi Ramamritham, Dean [R & D], IIT Bombay

1) K. Narayanan and Savita Bhat, Department of H&SS, IIT Bombay, Mumbai

Technological Efforts and Performance of IT MNCs from India”

2) N S Siddharthan and Stanley Nollen, Knowledge Forum and Georgetown University 

International Alliances and the Performance of Indian Software Firms”

3) K J Joseph & Vinoj Abraham, Centre for Development Studies, Trivandrum

Information Technology and Productivity Evidence from India’s Manufacturing Sector”


Prof. Subash Babu, IEOR, IIT Bombay & Prof. Alakh N. Sharma, Director, Institute for Human Development, New Delhi   




 Prof. Ashok Misra


 Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Organizing Committee of the Conference, IITB


Prof. A. Ramanathan, Head, Department of H&SS, IIT Bombay,


Prof. K. Narayanan, Department of H&SS, IIT Bombay,

Forum for Global Knowledge Sharing


Prof. P. V. Indiresan [Formerly, Director, IIT Madras] 

Vice Presidents: 

Prof. Daniel Van Den Bulcke [Professor, University of Antwerp, Belguim] 

Prof. S. R. Hashim [Formerly, Member Planning Commission, Govt. of India] 

Prof. Stanley Nollen [Professor, Georgetown University, Washington D.C. U.S.] 

Treasurer: Prof. Alakh N. Sharma, [Director, Institute for Human Development, New Delhi] 

Member Secretary & Hon. Director: 

Prof. N. S. Siddharthan [Formerly, Professor & Head, VKRV Rao Centre for Studies in Globalisation, Institute of  Economic Growth, Delhi & currently Hon. Professor, Madras School of Economics, Chennai] 

Event Date: 
Friday, 2 November 2007 - 9:15am to Saturday, 3 November 2007 - 5:15pm
Seminar Hall, Department of HSS
IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai