Seminar: "Current State of Macroeconomic Theory" by Prof. Dilip Nachane, IIT Bombay

This is to let you know that Prof. Dilip Nachane who has joined our Department as a 'Distinguished Visiting Professor' will be delivering three lectures on the Current State of Macroeconomic Theory. He will be discussing providing an overview of Keyensian Economics, Monetarism, New Classical Economics, New Keynesian Economics, New Consensus Macroeconomics and its critique.

 About Prof. Dilip Nachane:
Prof. Nachane is MA (Economics), MA (Mathematics), Ph D, in Economics.He is Distinguished Visiting Professor, HSS Department, IIT Bombay, Chancellor, University of Manipur and Professor Emeritus IGIDR, Mumbai. He was a Member, PM's Economic Adviosry Council, Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar National Fellow, Honorary Fellow Institute of South Asian Studies, University of Singapore, and Honorary Fellow of Indian School of Political Economy.He was a Professor of Quantitative Economics (1978-2003), Director, Department of Economics (1993-1999) of the University of Mumbai, and Director of Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research (2007-10). He is well renowned and acknowledged for his academic achievements. He received Pranavanand Saraswati award for Best Teacher in Economics (2004) from the University Grants Commission,and the Best Teacher award of University of Mumbai (1999-2000). He has to his credit of publication of several books books and more than hundred research articles in journals of repute. He was a Visiting Professor atUniversity of British Columbia, Canada (1988-89), University of Manchester, UK (1990), University of Ulster, UK (1991), University of Avigon, France (1997), Otto von Guericke University, Germany (2002-2004). He was a Senior Fulbright Fellow, University of Texas (1983-84); Hallsworth Fellow, University of Manchester (1987-89 and 1997-98), Jean Monnet Fellow, European University Institute, Italy (2001), Senior Visiting Fellow, National University of Singapore (2007). He visited USSR and France under academic/cultural exchange programmes.He was the President of Indian Econometric Society (2002-03).

       He was the Chairman of Research Advisory Committee, Indian Institute of Banking & Finance (2002-04). He was a Member of (1) Expert Working Group, Rail Tariff Enquiry Committee (1978-80); (2) Working group on Wholesale Price Indexes (1994); (3) Advisory Committee, 11th Finance Commission, Government of Maharashtra (1998); (4) Board of Directors, National Stock Exchange of India (1998-2001); (5) Board of Directors, GIC Housing Finance Ltd (1999-2002); (6) Working Group on Leading Economic Indicators, Reserve Bank of India (2001); (7) Board of Directors, Banque Nationale de Paris (2001-2004); (8) Board of Directors, Deposit Insure & Credit Guarantee Corporation (2005-08); (9) Technical Advisory Committee on Monetary Policy, Reserve Bank of India (2005-2011); (10) Technical Advisory Committee on Inflationary Expectations Surveys, Reserve Bank of India (2007-2011), and (11) Dr Vijay Kelkar Committee on Balanced Regional Development, Maharashtra.His latest book is published by Springer and titled 'Critique of the New Consensus Macroeconomics and Implications for India'.  

Event Date: 
Tuesday, 22 October 2019 - 2:00pm
LT 305, Main Lecture Hall
IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai