Seminar: "Emergence of Modern Indian Policing. From Mansabdari to Constabulary" by Prof. Farrukh Hakeem

Seminar:"Emergence of Modern Indian Policing. From Mansabdari to Constabulary" by Prof. Farrukh Hakeem



        Policing in the Indian context commenced as a military enterprise. It remained a military endeavor during the pre-colonial period. Early forms of policing were evident only in the big cities of medieval India. Before the Tenth century AD, forms of policing were fairly rudimentary. With the establishment of the Delhi sultanates in northern India a much clearer structure of the policing apparatus emerged. During this period it followed a feudal military model, referred to as the Mansabdari system. This structure continued to be employed till the end of the Mughal period in 1700 CE. Even after the advent of the English colonists under the aegis of the East India Company, this feudal model did not undergo any major changes. From the eighteenth century onwards, English colonists attempted, through a series of efforts, to improve the policing apparatus. These initiatives were feeble efforts to build on the old system of policing and did not lead to any tangible improvement. Later, during the course of British rule, this model was considered ineffective and was gradually replaced with a more civilian model of policing.

About the speaker:

      At a lecture organized by the Centre for Policy Studies and Humanities and Social Sciences Department, Prof. Farrukh Hakeem will speak on the emergence of modern policing in India on July 31 at 3.30 pm. Prof.Hakeem teaches criminology and related subjects at the NC A&T State University, Greensboro.  He teaching and research interests focus on the areas of law enforcement, corrections, juvenile justice, criminology, criminal investigation, evidence, comparative laws, statistics, research methods, cybercrime and computer applications. Prof. Hakeem has practiced as an advocate in Bombay High Court and been a delegate to the Global Academic Experts Meeting convened by INTERPOL in Singapore.


Event Date: 
Wednesday, 31 July 2019 - 3:30pm
LC 202, Main Lecture Hall
IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai