Seminar: "Flourishing among public bank employees in India: A positive organizational behavior approach" by Dr Anandita Ghosh

Seminar: "Flourishing among public bank employees in India: A positive organizational behavior approach" by Dr Anandita Ghosh


         In this talk He will present a major portion of my thesis work. This work aims at studying flourishing among public bank employees in India using a positive organizational behavior approach. A comprehensive review of literature conducted in this area revealed that flourishing was a seldom studied area, with most literature being theoretical in nature within the organizational behavior setting. Based on literature and gaps in knowledge identified, it was important to examine how flourishing conceptually and empirically relates, impacts and is influenced by other positive psychology variables, organizational behavior variables and specific socio-demographic factors. From several possible contributors to flourishing, psychological variables were narrowed down to gratitude, job-related affective well-being, work engagement, organizational commitment and work-life balance. The study utilizes both quantitative and qualitative techniques and has been conducted in two parts. Study I involved a field survey (N=1474) using standardized questionnaires. Using non-probability purposive sampling, data was collected over a period of one month pre-demonetization. Study II involved telephonic interviews (N = 10) with employees across various public sector banks in India. This part of the study aimed to understand participants’ subjective experiences of well-being to supplement the findings of Study I. Data was analyzed using suitable statistical techniques. This is the first study in India to map the prevalence of flourishing. 38.53% participants reported very high flourishing which is similar to previous global studies. None of the interactions among socio-demographic variables were significant contributors to flourishing while interactions between psychological variables significantly contributed to flourishing. These findings are explained through previous literature. Limitations, future directions and implications of these findings have been provided.  

About Speaker:

      Dr. Anindita Ghosh, is currently Assistant Professor of Psychology at BITS Pilani Goa Campus. She has recently completed her Ph.D. in Psychology at the Department of Liberal Arts, Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad, India, April 2018. She was a Fellow of the Indian Council of Medical Research, her Ph.D. work applies the principles of positive psychology to explore well-being of employees working in high stress organizations. She also has Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in psychology. Her current research areas are Positive Psychology and Organizational Behaviour. Her other areas of research interest include positive psychology interventions, character strengths, well-being, positive health, organizational development, organizational communication and positive psychology analysis of films. Her publications in international and national journals cover a range of topics such as positive psychology progress in India, gratitude, and positive health and chronic physical illness. Her Teaching interests include positive psychology, positive organizational behavior and organizational behavior. She enjoys teaching topics of well-being theories, gratitude, and positive psychology interventions.She is trained for administering the “Feeling Good and Doing Well” intervention programme for promoting well-being among youth from NIMHANS. Helping people achieve better health and well-being is her prime area of interest.    

Event Date: 
Thursday, 1 November 2018 - 11:30am
Seminar Hall, Department of HSS
IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai