Arun Iyer

Associate Professor

2003-2011: Ph.D. (Philosophy) Marquette University, USA

2003-2011: M. A. (History of Philosophy) Marquette University, USA

2000-2002: M. A. (Philosophy) University of Mumbai, India

1996-2000: B. E. (Electronics and Telecommunications) University of Mumbai, India


Instructor of Philosophy, Seattle University, 2011-2016

Research Interests: 

20th Century Continental Philosophy: Heidegger, Foucault, Husserl, Gadamer


Phenomenology and Hermeneutics


History of Western Philosophy

Courses Taught: 

HS 837: Aesthetics and Criticism

HS 828: Philosophical Points of View and Major Thinkers: Plato

HS 640: Civil Society: Its Foundation and Future (co-taught with Prof. Suryakant Waghmore)

HS 200: Environmental Studies

HS 301: Introduction to Philosophy


(Most Recent)

Books, Articles and Book Chapters:

Das Ungeschehene: On Heidegger’s Novel Way of Relating to the Historical Past” in Research in Phenomenology 48 (2018): 77-91

Thought, Action and History: Rethinking Revolution after Heidegger in After Heidegger? Edited by Richard Polt and Gregory Fried. London and New York: Rowman and Littlefield International. 2018. 123-132


Martin Heidegger. GA 67. Metaphysics and Nihilism. Cambridge: Polity Press (forthcoming October 2021)

Gadamer Hans-Georg, Hermeneutics between History and Philosophy: The Selected Writings of Hans-Georg Gadamer: Vol I, co-editing and translating with Pol Vandevelde, London, New York: Bloomsbury Publishing (May 2016)

Lask, Emil, “Announcement of The Logic of Philosophy and the Doctrine of Categories,” “The Logic of Ontological Categories,” “The Boundlessness of Truth.” In The Neo-Kantian Reader, edited by Sebastian Luft, New York, London: Routledge, 2015, 399-427


Associate Editor, Journal for the British Society of Phenomenology


Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy

American Philosophy Association

Heidegger Circle