Neha Gupta

Assistant Professor
+91 98 99 32 27
  • Ph.D. (Economics), Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi (August 2013)
  • M.Phil. (Economics), Delhi School of Economics (2009)
  • M.A. (Economics), Delhi School of Economics (2005)
  • B.A. (Hons.) (Economics), St. Stephen’s College, University of Delhi (2003)


  • Assistant Professor, May 2016 - present, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology - Bombay

  • Assistant Professor, August 2013 – May 2016, Department of Economics, Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi

  • Assistant Professor, 2007-2009, Shri Ram College of Commerce, University of Delhi

  • Assistant Professor, 2006 (Jan-Apr), Lakshmi Bai College, University of Delhi

  • Guest Lecturer, 2005 (Oct-Nov), Kalindi College, University of Delhi


  • Centre for Development Economics, 2007 (Feb-May), Research Fellow

  • National Council for Applied Economic Research, 2005 (May-Aug), Research Associate

  • National Council for Applied Economic Research, 2004 (May-Jun), Summer Intern

Research Interests: 

Applied Microeconomics, Behavioral and Experimental Economics, Applied Econometrics

Courses Taught: 

Master’s level courses in Game Theory, Microeconomic Theory, Mathematical Methods in Economics, Economic Development and Policy in India (participation in these courses involved teaching preceptorial sections, solving problem sets, grading)

Undergraduate courses in Development Economics, Mathematical Methods in Economics, Public Finance, Microeconomics, Economic Systems


(1) Effectiveness of Auctions in Securing Price Support for Farmers: The Case of a Grain Market in India, Journal of Agricultural and Food Industrial Organization (forthcoming)
Earlier version: Government Intervention in Grain Markets in India: Rethinking the Procurement Policy, Centre for Development Economics Working Paper No. 231, Delhi School of Economics, 2013
(2) Detection, Identification and Estimation of Loss Aversion: Evidence from an Auction Experiment (with A. Banerji), American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 2014
Earlier version: Do Auction Bids Betray Expectations-based Reference Dependent Preferences? A test, experimental evidence, and estimates of loss aversion, Centre for Development Economics Working Paper No. 206, Delhi School of Economics, 2011
(3) Auctions in Grain Markets and Farmer Welfare (with A. Banerji and J.V. Meenakshi)
Economic and Political Weekly, Review of Rural Affairs, 2012
(4) Book Review: The Free-Market Innovation Machine (William J. Baumol), Indian Economic Review, Volume 45(1), 2010
(1) Estimation of Consumers' Risk-Attitudes and Willingness to Pay for Bio-Fortified Orange Maize in Rural Zambia using Becker-deGroot-Marschak Mechanism, SSRN Working Paper
(2) Forecasting the Rupee-Dollar Exchange Rate using the Monetary Model, SSRN Working Paper
(1) Impact of Credit Accessibility on Workforce Participation in Rural India (with Gunjan Kumari and K. Narayanan)
(2) Covid-19: Consequences and Coping Mechanism of Households in India (with Gunjan Kumari and K. Narayanan)
(3) Cross-generational Differences in Covid-induced Switch in Purchase and Payment Patterns.



  • ‘Contemporary Themes in India’s Economic Development and the Economic Survey’ with lectures delivered by Dr. Arvind Subramanian (Chief Economic Adviser, Govt. of India), June 11-17, 2017, organized by Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.

  • ‘Asia Summer Institute in Behavioral Economics’, National University of Singapore, July 23 – August 3, 2012. This was a course cum workshop run by Professors Colin Camerer (Caltech), David Laibson (Harvard) and Matthew Rabin (Berkeley), with a competitive selection of participants.

  • The ‘Nobel Laureates Meetings in Economic Sciences’, Lindau (Germany) in August 2011. My participation was sponsored by the Reserve Bank of India.

Conference Presentations

  • Conference on ‘Auctions, competition, regulation, and public policy’, Lancaster University, 2018

  • Lectures on Nobel Prizes 2017, IIT Bombay, 2017

  • Annual Conference of The Indian Econometric Society held at IIM Kozhikode, 2016

  • Asian Meeting of the Econometric Society, 2012

  • CESP Workshop on Experimental and Behavioral Economics, JNU, 2012

  • Winter School, Centre for Development Economics, DSE, 2011

  • Conference on Economic Growth and Development, ISI Delhi, 2011

  • Winter School, Centre for Development Economics, DSE, 2010

  • Conference on Economic Growth and Development, ISI Delhi, 2010

  • The Indian Econometric Society (TIES) ‘Prof M.J. Manohar Rao Young Economist Award’ for 2015 awarded at the 52nd Annual Conference of TIES held at IIM Kozhikode, January 2016

  • UGC Non-NET Scholarship for Doctoral Research

  • Grant from International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), Washington DC to carry out research on Zambia BDM and First-price Auction Data for Orange Maize

  • SAP Grant from Delhi School of Economics to fund field work

  • Qualified for the University Grants Commission – National Eligibility Test (NET) for teaching, June 2006


 The B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics, Letters in Spatial and Resource Sciences

SOFTWARE PROFICIENCY: Programming Languages: R, GAUSS, BASIC. Other econometric packages used: Eviews, Shazam.

LANGUAGES: Hindi (Native), English (Fluent), French (Elementary)