A P Rajaram

Assistant Professor
+91-022-2576 5367
Research Interests: 

My research interests majorly are on Ritual dance forms and movement analysis. I have worked on few rituals of Tamil Nadu and my major focus was on the rituals of ThaiPusam and Panguni Pongal festivals; My research focuses on analysing and understanding these rituals practices and the trance involved. I have also worked extensively with a living Devadasi, Padma sri Muthukannammmal from Viralimalai, Pudukottai District, Tamil Nadu, researching on her memories of the Sadir dance and its legalities associated with the performance of that locality, Hence some of the dance devadasi dance items such as Viralimalai Kuravanji and the Moadi Yeduthu interests me in researching on them. I have also been involved in understanding the trance movements in the Bhagavatamela Natakam, a community performance from Melattur, Thanjavur, Tamil nadu, where I had the opportunity to compare the idea of trance from one ritual festival to another. My current focus is on the ethnic ritual practice ‘Padukalam’ from Viralimalai, focusing the body rituals and the gore procession insisting on the ethnic nature of the performance. The Key terms that I am interested are Rituals, Ethnic dance, Trance and Devadasi practices.