Tanmay Bhattacharya

Assistant Professor
2001 - Assistant Professor of Psychology, Humanities and Social Sciences at IIT Bombay
2001 (Nov) - Lecturer in Psychology, School of Medicine at University of Zambia
1999-2001 - Institute Research Associate in the Deparntment of Humanities and Social Sciences at IIT Kharagpur
1996-1998 - Lecturer in Faculty of Health Sciences at Aleyema University of Ethopia
1993-1996 - Lecturer in Psychology at Gurukul Kangri University
Research Interests: 

Health, Neuro-Cognitive Psychology, Subjective Well-Being, Ergonomics


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2005 - Awardee of International Brain Research Organisation. 
2004 - Advance Research Training Seminar (Arts-2004) and International Congress of Psychology 2004 at Beijing, China ARTS provided financial support
2000 - Included in 2000 outstanding intellectuals of the 21st century-1st Edition published by the International Biographical Centre,Cambridge CB2 3QP, Englan
2001 - Biographical Sketch Published in Marquis WHO's WHO, 18TH Edition, 2001,New Jersey,USA.
2000 - Advance Research Training Seminar (Arts-2000) and International Congress of Psychology 2000 at Stockholm, Sweden. International Test Commission
2000 - 24th International Congress (Sanfransisco, USA) APA provided a scholarship of US $ 1000.
1998 - Scholarship for attending 6th European Congress on Rehabilitation, Berlin, Germany
1995 - Full Scholarship from Gestalt Education Network International, Germany