HS 204 : Introduction to Literature

1. Nature of Literature : Literature as a Humanistic Experience. Definitions: (i) Humanities : concern with culture, values, ideologies; (ii) Literature : concepts of imitation, expression, intuition & imagination.

2. Major Themes of Literature : Nature, Science, Selfhood, Love, Rebellion.

3. The Language of Literature : Modes of literary and non-literary expression. The concepts of Figurative language, imagery, symbolism, style.

4. The Forms of Literature : Prose Narratives (short stories & novels) Poetry, Drama and Essays. [Note: 1. Suitable texts are to be chosen by the instructors from the  Texts and References listed below as well as from other sources.

2. Use of a Learner Dictionary (Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary is prescribed for language work.)]


1. David Murdoch (ed.). The Siren's Song: An Anthology of British and American Verse, Orient Longman, 1988.

2. S. Alter & W. Dissanayake (eds.) The Penguin Book of  Modern Indian Short Stories. Penguin Books (India), 1989.

3. Bertrand Russell, Impact of Science on Society. Allen & Unwin, 1952.

4. Henrik Ibsen, A Doll's House, Macmillan India, 1982.

5. George Orwell, Animal Farm, Penguin, 1951.

6. J. Bronowski. The Ascent of Man, BBC, 1973.