HS 436: Indian Culture and Tradition

Scope of learning culture. Meaning of the word, 'Sanskriti' (Culture).

Breadth and depth of knowledge contained in the scriptures of Indian Culture.

Intricacies of Modern Society: different outlooks provided by Indian culture. Its origin, assumptions, merits and demerits.

Impurities of mind and different methods of removing them as prescribed in Indian Culture.

Human values in Indian culture; Great personalities in Indian culture: scientists and their discoveries.

Great importance attributed to rationality, logic and proof in Indian Culture. Gross and Subtle attributes of Indian Culture.

Tracts on Logic and Knowledge: Pramansamuccya by Dinnaga and Pramanavartika by Dharmakirti; myths about Indian Culture; J N Mohanty`s practical rationality in Indian thought; Skepticism and mysticism in Indian Thought; Tagore`s concept of self and human being; Dialogue between Tagore and Einstein on intuition and science.

Nitisataka of Bhartruhari; Dhavnisastra in Indian tradition; Institutions of Ancient India; Women`s Education in Ancient India; Life and Works of Adi Shankaracharya; Anekantavada and Pratityasamutpada; Schools of Indian Realism; Indology on the Internet; Stories of Nachiketa, Chayavan-Bhargav; the concept of time; Karma, Rebirth and Stithaprajnya in Bhagavadgita.


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