HS 438 : Intellectual Property Rights for Technology Development and Management

           This course is designed to introduce the subject of Intellectual Property Rights to students interested in the development/transfer/commercialization of technology. This appreciation will enhance their ability and skill to exploit the fruits of their innovations for enrichment and wealth generation for themselves and their organizations. This course is structured in the form of 8 modules. It starts with the Dynamics of Knowledge evolution, creation of ownership domains in the knowledge space using various instruments of IPR, outlines concepts of confidentiality and information security, explores their role in technology development and transfer integrating Intellectual Property in project planning, execution & commercialization, discusses the shifting paradigms of R&D and their linkage to IPR, introduces concepts of Valuation of IP & Value Realization, compares the Indian IPR system with international IPR frameworks especially in the context of WTO, followed by a few sessions on IPR litigations both for the enforcement of rights and business strategy. The course ends with a discussion on contentious issues of current interest such as Biotechnology and Intellectual Property, Protection of Traditional Knowledge, IPR and Electronic Commerce, TRIPS and Access to Medicines, Copyright issues in creative works, etc.


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