HS 458 : Indian Writing in English

An overview of some of the major themes of Indian writing, from the rise of nationalism and the freedom struggle, to the trauma of partition and the resurgence of reconstruction, form an integral part of approaching the texts comprising Indian Writing in English. In the process, the identity (in terms of content as well as style) of Indian literature in English will receive special attention in the study of these texts.

This course charts the highlights of Indian literary writing in English, including those works of translation that have been translated by the authors themselves, thereby enabling the inclusion of writers like Rabindranath Tagore and Girish Karnad.  At least two of the four major genres, Poetry, Prose, Novel and Drama, will be studied in some detail in representative selections. This would help in understanding the movement from traditional and imitative modes of representation as seen in the early poetry and novels, to recent modes of experimentation.


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