HS 472: Psychology of Health

Course objective: The understanding of human physiological and psychological functions is one of the most useful and beneficial assets in a technological and industrial environment. It is for better management of human life that one must have a good understanding of human behaviour, thoughts and feelings. Among these, stress is one of the most common psycho-physiological phenomena of today and the young have been found to be its usual victims. Stress and its emotional components result from the complex interaction of genetic, physiological, behavioural and environmental factors, which finally disturb the homeostasis (balance among internal physiological conditions) of the body. This course is designed to cover the entire field of enquiry as given above. 

Course outline:

Fundamentals of behavioural health. Behavioural health and industrial hazards, health aspects related to personality (focus on Type-A personality pattern, converted Type-A persons who are the great challenge of the 21st century), perception and emotionality.

Drug addiction and rehabilitation. Alcoholism and other substance abuse.

Understanding stress and its various causes.

Stress and psychologically-oriented and physically-manifested disorders [Psychosomatic disorders]

Manic depressive tendencies, socialization problems, eating disorders.

Depression and other related psychological states that are also manifest in the technological/industrial environment.

Stress and adjustment : Occupational, social, marital, sexual and environmental aspects.

Technology and subjective well-being (SWB)


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