HS 474: Postmodernism and Philosophy

Enlightenment reason and its fragile interior:  Validity claims and normative action, immanent and transcendent sources of realism and its critique through Kant, Nietzsche, Foucault and Deleuze.

Derrida`s radical critique of knowledge: Deconstruction, Singularity and Alterity, Identity, Erasure; Subjectivity and Responsibility .in Emmanuel Levinas and Derrida.

Recovering the text the and meaning:  Communicative action of Habermas, Honneth�s Critique of power, Lyotard�s  Report on Knowledge.

Indeterminacy of meanings: Pragmatism of Richard Rorty, Internal realism of Hilary Putnam and belief revision in David Lewis.

After the subject: Otherness in Helen Cixous, Femininity in Luce Irigaray, Presence in Jean Luc Nancy.

Critiquing natural and human sciences:  science as Praxis, Phenomenology of natural sciences, The neo-Heideggerian critique of science as a critical enterprise.

Postpositivism and critical realism: Satya P. Mohanty and Roy Bhaskar.


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