HS 485 : Management of Human Resources in Organizations

This course is designed to understand the personal and interpersonal behavioural problems people face within an organization.  It also intends to highlight the techniques of organizational behaviour through which the human resource potentialities of the personnel can be effectively utilized and developed for their self- and organizational development.

An introduction of the personal and interpersonal dynamics of the organization - Managing high performance: A challenge - Work motivation: Theoretical and behavioural framework.  Improving work motivation in organizations.

Human Resources Development (HRD); Behaviour scientist's view.  Human capacity: Physical and psychological - Building management, decision, interpersonal and goal setting skills - The functions of HRD and Personnel Department.

Organizational change and development - Organizational development (OD): Brief historical presentation.  OD techniques: T group and sensitivity training, management by objectives (MBO), transactional analysis (TA), quality circles (QC), performance appraisal (PA), and training programmes.  Managing human resources and organizational development: the present status.


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