HS 489: State, Polity and Society

Classical and modern views on Economy, Polity and Society: Illustrations  from  selective texts (from  Sociology),  Positive Theory of the state and the system of control.  The structure and the process in modern societies: Social frameworks of knowledge and development,  Social change and  Modernization,  Process  of society  and community formation, Ethnic groups and states,  conflicts in multi-ethnic societies, ethnicity and  nation-building.  Critical and  systemic approaches to the study  of  development, world  views  and paradigms, Politics and ideology,  Problems  of social and system integration.  Locus of control and agencies of social  control:  Structure of government,  citizens  and  social institutions.  Ethical and political orientation: Democratization and democratic theory responsive, identificational and epistemic conceptions  of democracy, Civic morals and provinces  of  social ethics,  Environmentalism  and environmental  ethics,  Facts  and standards,  Education  in the social and  political  environment, Policy  perspectives  for  sustainable  development,  Inter-state relations and conceptions of world society.


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