HS 813: Structure of Language and its Applications: Morphophonology and ELT

This course will develop and build on the student`s knowledge of basic phonology and morphology and will adress topics such as Principles of articulatory and acoustic phonetics, Distinctive feature theory, Segmental phonological analysis, Phonological rule-writing and cyclicity, Autosegmental and metrical and prosodic theories, Feature geometry, Prosodic morphology, Lexical phonology, Morphological processes, Distributive morphology and the Structure of the lexicon.  This course shall also discuss the application of some of the basic concepts in modern linguistics to the field of English Language Teaching. The following issues will be raised: Linguistic attitudes to language: speech and writing; descriptive and explanatory principles; pedagogical implications, Language Pedagogy and Language Learning, English as: Native language; Second language; Foreign language, Approaches to the Curriculum in ELT, Pedagogical methods and techniques in ELT, Error Analysis and Contrastive Analysis in ELT, Testing in ELT. 


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