HS 824: Cultural Studies

This course seeks to understand the changing meanings of culture and the emergence of cultural studies in general and in India in particular. The possibilities and limitations of the colonial discourse, postcolonial studies and the radical discourse on culture will be mapped. Issues related to doing engaged cultural studies and cultural methodologies would be discussed.

Sociology/Anthropology of Culture: the challenges to the classical approaches. 

The Formation of Cultural Studies:  Discussions on Culture Industry, Hegemony, Ideology and Birmingham School Postmodernism, Culture and the Dilemma of politics: Theories of consumer culture.

Colonialism, Nationalism and conceptions of Indian Culture: The different nationalisms and their conceptions of Indian Culture, colonialism and its forms of knowledge, Orientalism, culture and imperialism. 

Cultural Revolts in colonial society: Subaltern and non-brahman approaches. Cultural Studies in India: Interrogating modernity, consuming modernity and alternative modernities 

The Cultural Dimensions of Globalisation: Resurgence of identities, globalisation, politics of culture and cultural politics.


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