HS 826: Advanced Econometrics


Parametric and Nonparametric Econometrics.  Basic interpretation of Regression Models, and Tests for individual and joint significance.  Practical testing for Endogeneity and omitted variable bias. Modeling of qualitative and limited dependent variable models.  Analysis of Panel Data. 


Seemingly Unrelated Regressions.  Lagged Dependent Variables and Autoregressive Disturbances.  Tests on Subset of Regression Estimates.  Two-stage Least Squares and Instrumental Variable Estimation.   


Time-Series Models.  Smoothing and Extrapolation of Time Series.  Linear Time-Series Models.  Estimation of Time-Series Models.  Applications of Time-Series Models.  Estimating Co-integrated Systems. 


Nonparametric Econometrics.  Application and estimation of non-parametric econometric models.




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