HS 842: Philosophy of Language in Sanskrit Literature

This course falls in the broader area of Philosophy of Language.  Following topics will be studied in this course `  

Patanjali`s Definition of Sabda, Katyayana`s definition of Vakya, Aims of the study of grammar, The concept of Sadhu Shabda.  

Bhartrhari`s philosophy of Language, The concept of Vivarta, The Sphota Theory, Prakrit Dvani and Vaikrit Dhvani, Nature of Language, Verbal Cognition as pramana, Yoga view of Language.  

Theories of Sentence meaning- Abhihitaanvayavaada, Anvitaabhidhaanavaadaa, Theories of Verbal cognition of schools like Nyaya, Vyakarana and Mimamsa.  

Texts / References `  

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