HS 847 : Algorithms in Indian Astronomy

HS 847 : Algorithms in Indian Astronomy                      

Basic tools and concepts in Spherical Astronomy ` Celestial sphere ` Need for differentco-ordinate system ` Ra`si and Naksatra divisions of ecliptic ` Concept of time `its division based on solar and lunar reckoning ` smaller units like days and months ` larger units like yuga, manvantara and so on.

Origin of the word algorithm ` algorithm & procedure ` Algorithms for the determination of Sine table ` geometrical and analytical ` Precise values of sine function for different values of argument based on infinite series expansion presented in 14th-15th century texts. 

Algorithms for determining geocentric longitudes of the planets ` determination ofdirection and place (latitude of the observer) ` finding time from shadow measurements ` computation of exact moment of conjunction/opposition of sun and moon ` elevation of the cusps of the moon.


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