Indian Economy

1. A Brief overview of the historical process of development in India and the State of the Economy at Independence. Alternate Strategies of Development: State vs. market, import substitution versusexport promotion.  

2. Growth and Sectoral Performance: Aggregate GDP growth, structural change and productivity, manufacturing growth and issues relating to productivity, market structure and  economies of scale; issues relating to services-led growth. 

3. Trade and Payments Reforms in India: Contours of trade and payments reforms in India including WTO related reforms in market access, Merchandise trade performance and determinants, Dimensions of Services Trade, Capital Flows and their impact, Balance of Payments and issues related to Accumulation of Foreign Exchange Reserves, Capital Account Convertibility. 

4. Fiscal Reforms in India – Profile of Fiscal Reforms, Issues relating to deficit and growth, FRBM Act and fiscal prudence, Reforms with respect to State Finances, VAT, Issues relating to public debt. 

5. Financial Sector Reforms in India – Issues relating to reforms in banking, insurance, pensions, exchange rate and capital market.  

6. Employment, Poverty and Inequality in India – Measurement issues, Regional and sectoral dimensions in employment, poverty and inequality, Recent debates on poverty and employment during reforms, Issues relating to rural employment, livelihood security and NREGA. 

7. Issues relating to Infrastructure in the Indian economy: Identifying the constraints, Government policies, Case studies of economic impact of selected sectors including roads, energy, railways, ports, irrigation, sanitation and water supply.  

8. Agriculture: Agricultural Growth and Distribution, Agriculture Commodity Markets, Contract Farming, Technology and Agriculture, WTO and Agriculture  

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