Language Lab

The Dept. of Humanities and Social Sciences also houses a full-fledged Language Laboratory. The lab has the Tandberg Educational system (installed in 1986) which offers a variety of functions such as Recording, High Speed Copying, Test Preparation, Intercom, Student Monitoring, Teacher/Student Call, Group Conferencing, etc. The main console is connected to 20 listening booths which have been specially designed for student-teacher interaction, and greater concentration for language learning. The lab also has a large number of cassettes and books for all levels ? beginners, intermediate and advanced. The lab is used by students belonging to the Preparatory Course as well as by the S.D.E. batches every semester.

The Language Laboratory is used for language tutorials. These are attended by Preparatory Course students and students who voluntarily opt for Remedial English classes. Lessons and exercises are recorded on a weekly basis so that the students are exposed to a variety of listening and speaking drills. This especially benefits students who are deficient in English and also aims at confidence-building for interviews and competitive examinations. The Language Laboratory sessions also include word games, quizzes, extemporary speaking, debates, skits etc. These sessions are complemented by online learning sessions which take place in the Multi-Purpose Computer Lab.

A List of Recordings in the Language Laboratory

  1. Pronunciation and General English ( Sets of Textbooks and Cassettes)>

  2. A Course of English Pronunciation by J.D. O'Connor (BBC)

  3. Listen and Read with Peter and Molly by G. Bronghton (BBC)

  4. Stress, Rhythm and Intonation by J.D. O'Connor (BBC)

  5. Pronunciation Practice (BBC)

  6. Calling All Beginners by John Jory (BBC)

  7. What to Say by Viola Hughes (BBC)

  8. Keep Up your English by W. Stannard Allen (BBC)

  9. Getting On in English by John Haycraft and Jo Barnett (BBC)

  10. Choosing your English by John Haycraft and Terence Creed (BBC)

  11. The Play's the Thing (BBC)

  12. The English Teaching Theatre (BBC)

  13. Countdown to English by Roger Owen (BBC)

  14. Better Spoken English by Geoffrey Bernard ( Macmillan)

  15. Meet the Parkers by David Hicks (BBC)

  16. Say It Again by Chris Faram and John Wright (BBC)

  17. Say It Correctly by Prof D. V. Jog (IIT, Bombay)

  18. Exercises in Spoken English: Accent, Rhythm, Intonation (CIEFL, Hyderabad)

  19. English Course (The Linguaphone Institute)

  20. Advanced English Course (The Linguaphone Institute)

  21. American English Course (The Linguaphone Institute)

    English for Specific Purposes ( Sets of Textbooks and Cassettes)

    1. The Language of Business by Angela Mack (BBC) )

    2. English for International Co-operation by Peter Roe (BBC) )

    3. Scientifically Speaking (BBC) )

    4. Project Aftermath by Tim and Sue Hodlin (BBC) )

    5. Export English by Susan Norman (BBC) )

    6. Going to Work in English by Susan Norman and Chris Faram (BBC) )

    7. The English Language Laboratory Drills for Students of Science and Technology by G. Mauger )

    8. Teaching Alive by Sue Lake (BBC)

      English Literature ( Contains concise acting versions, dramatized excerpts and readings on cassettes and disks)

    9. Collector's Library of Ten Great Shakespeare Plays (Murry Hill Records & Crown Publishers) )

    10. Hamlet (BBC) )

    11. Othello (BBC) )

    12. Macbeth (BBC) )

    13. Times Cassettes: Shakespeare : Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet and Julius Caesar )

    14. 20th Century Poetry: A Personal Introduction By Michael Baldwin (BBC) )

    15. The Waste Land and Other Poems )

    16. The Missing Jewel By David Campton and A. L. Jones (BBC) )

    17. Pride and Prejudice (BBC) )

    18. Lord of the Flies (BBC) )

    19. Gulliver's Travels (BBC) )

    20. Treasure Island (BBC) )

    21. A Man for All Seasons (BBC) )

    22. The School for Scandal (BBC) )

    23. Narrative Poems (BBC) )

    24. The Winslow Boy (BBC) )