Doctoral Programme

The Ph.D. Programme in the Department is generally discipline oriented and runs in five disciplines (Economics, English, Philosophy, Psychology and Sociology) and areas related to the Cell for Indian Science and Technology in Sanskrit. There is also ample provision to do research in interdisciplinary areas. 58 regular, 22 external, 15 college teachers, 27 self-financing, and 1 project staff candidates are currently enrolled in the Ph.D. programme.

In the year under review, seven students of this Department will be awarded Ph.D. degree.  Since the inception of the Ph.D. Programme in the Department, one hundred thirty eight students have already obtained their Ph.D. degree from the Department and are well-placed in institutions like Reserve Bank of India, IIM Calcutta, Bombay University, Central University, Hyderabad, and other IITs. They have made their presence felt as excellent academicians and professionals in their respective fields of specializations.