PhD Courses

 Core Courses

·Research Methods in Social Sciences

·Statistical Methods

·Theory of Knowledge

·Practice and Theory of Literary Research

·Literary Theory

·Structure of language and its applications: Morphophonology and ELT

·Applied Econometrics

·Logic: Formal and Philosophical

·Advanced Economic Theory

·Advanced Psychological Theory

·Advanced Theory of Society

·Contemporary Trends in Philosophical Analysis

·A Survey of Modern and Post-modern Literature

·Architecture of grammar and its applications: Syntax, Semantics and Sociolinguistics

·Research Methods in Economics

·Philosophical Points of View and Major Thinkers


·Phenomenology and Existentialism

·Philosophy of Language

·Mathematical Economics

·Language in Cognitive Science

·Fieldwork Techniques

·Financial Institutions and Markets

·Sociology of Social Stratification in India

·Rural Development

·The Study of one Major Indian Writer in English

·Logic: Formal and Philosophical

·Cultural Studies

·Gender Studies

·Advanced Econometrics

·Technology, Industry and Trade

·Organizational Stress

·Ethnicity and Nationalism

·Urban Sociology

·Theories of the Novel

·Community Psychology and its Social Impact

·Interdisciplinary Approaches to Literary Research

·Performance Theory and Praxis

·Linguistics and Literary Analysis

·Aesthetics and Criticism

·Existential Psychoanalysis

·Major Issues in Economic Development

·Paninian Grammar

·Buddhist Mahayana Philosophy

·Philosophy of Language in Sanskrit Literature

·Vedanta Philosophy

·Indian Logic

Algorithms in Indian Astronomy