Layout of course


Semester I



Semester II



Semester III



Semester IV



Semester V


 [If one continues towards a Ph.D.]



Core I:

Vedanta Philosophy in the Vedic Tradition


Core IV:

Madhyamika Philosophy in the Buddhist Tradition


Disciplinary Elective


Disciplinary Elective

Project [Stage III]


Core II: Philosophy in the Age of the Greeks


Core V:

Western Philosophy in the Time of Crisis


Disciplinary Elective


Disciplinary Elective



Core III: Western Philosophy and the Advent of Modern Science



Core VI:

Writing and Research in Philosophy



Non-Disciplinary Elective


Disciplinary Elective



Non-Disciplinary Core*:

Introduction to Sociology/Psychology/Literature



Disciplinary Elective  


Project [Stage I]


Project [Stage II]



Disciplinary Elective**


Non-Disciplinary Elective***


Communication Skills I

Communication Skills II



A student has to choose one from the three Introductory courses on Psychology, Literature, and Sociology.

** Disciplinary electives are courses that one can choose from a range of courses offered within the discipline of Philosophy. Samples of the Disciplinary electives can be found here .

***   Non-disciplinary electives are electives that one has to choose from a range of courses offered by disciplines other than Philosophy.