The Structure of Curriculum and Course Work

 Following are the highlights of the program:

 ·         First 2 semesters will feature six Master’s level core courses. These courses will focus on the intensive reading of original texts.

·         There will be ten electives, of which three may be taken from outside the discipline.

·         There will be forty-eight credits for the final written project that spreads across 3 stages over the last three semesters. This project is expected to be of the standard of a paper fit for publication in a peer-reviewed journal and it will be reviewed every semester through a presentation to a group-approved examination committee.

 Students exiting the programme with an M.A. Degree will leave at the end of the 4th semester with an M.A. in Philosophy.   Although the admission is for the M.A.-Ph.D. Programme, students can choose to exit the programme with an M.A. degree which is awarded to them on the basis of the course work done by them during the four semesters.  Students who clear all the courses during the four semesters (122 Credits) will be awarded an M.A. Degree in Philosophy.

However, students opting to continue with the Ph.D. Programme would be intimated about the possibility of continuing through with their Ph.D., on the basis of their overall performance in the first two semesters, and the written assignment submitted at the end of the Core Course VI: Writing and Research in Philosophy.

  Check the website for a layout of courses across the 4 semesters .