International Conference on THE PHILOSOPHY OF HILARY PUTNAM

Hilary Putnam, a versatile genius, has been an initiative figure in the multifarious areas of philosophy, mathematics, philosophy of science and computer science. He is often called the ‘renaissance man of philosophy’ in the sense that he could make path breaking theories in the emerging fields of Epistemology, Metaphysics, Ethics, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language, Logic, Mathematics, which are excellently interpretative and thought provoking, thereby creating a history in itself. He espoused original ideas digging the depth of conceptual imagination of scientific erudition along with sticking to the moral visions of humanistic ideals and concerns about the orientation towards a meaningful life. For Putnam, ‘Philosophy is not only concerned with changing our views, but also with changing our sensibility, our ability to perceive and react to nuances’. Leading philosophy towards constant dynamic expeditions and holding on to an incredible style of self critique, Hilary Putnam, has over the five decades, has been in the process of making the laudable contributions in philosophy and science by being a beacon to a series of philosophical generations.


Invited International Speakers

  1. Simon Blackburn


Distinguished Research Professor

 Department of Philosophy

 University of North Carolina

 2. James Conant



 Department of Philosophy

 University of Chicago

 3. Maria Baghramian



 School Of Philosophy

 University College, Dublin.

4. Alan Berger

Associate Professor,

 Department of Philosophy,

 Brandeis University

 5. Mario de Caro



Department of Philosophy
Tufts University

6. Maximilian de Gaynesford


Professor, Director of Teaching and Learning

 Department of Philosophy,

 The University of Reading

Venue & Time of the Conference


 Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

 Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

 Mumbai – 400 076, India.

 From October 3rd - 5th , 2015

Detailed Programme:

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Programme Schedule

Coordinators of the Conference

  Ranjan K Panda


 Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

 Indian Institute of Technology Bombay


 Mumbai – 400076


Sanjit Chakraborty

 Research Scholar,

 Department of Philosophy

 Jadavpur University

            Kolkata, India.