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Indian Science and Technology; Indian Philosophy; Logic and Epistemology; Sanskrit language; Panini and Grammar; Philosophy of Language.

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Sanskrit - Course

Course Number: HS 899
Credit: 6

Context of communication: Recognizing our capability androles as professionalsScientific Method: Question and answer aspects oftechnical… Read More

Course Number: HS 634
Credit: 6

Discourse Analysis, Anaphora, Cognitive faculties of human beings, types of cognition, features of verbal cognition, Significance of Verbal… Read More

Course Number: HS 711
Credit: 6

Introduction to the theories of :
(i) Jāna-śabda-vāda,
(ii) sarva-satya-vāda,
(iii) śabda-yoga-vāda Nature of śabda, Nature of… Read More

Course Number: HS 840
Credit: 6

Kāraka theory, rules of conflict resolution, process of derivation.
Reading of texts, Swara-prakriyā – text on accent,… Read More

Course Number: HS 842
Credit: 6

Philosophy of Vyākaraṇa, relation of Vyākaraṇa and language, the concept of sphoṭa, the concept of Pratibhā, the concept of Vākya and Vākyārtha,… Read More